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General features

  • Integrated system of customized modules or ERP for business management for the management of accounting, inventory, production, costs, billing, taxes, payroll, treasury and other common and particular needs.

  • It can work in the cloud or on a local server, accessing it in a secure and controlled manner through user stations on fixed or mobile devices.

  • It supports large storage capacity and data indexing integrity using Big-Key 3 technology that accelerates the query of information under minimum conditions of processing speed or navigability.

  • It is based on a customization of the vERP template of the application development platform of the company Velneo from Spain.

  • The functional version is delivered pre-configured with a chart of accounts and a list of documents that can be used immediately so that you do not waste time implementing and starting the system.


Technical requirements


  • Computer with a 1.5GHZ speed Intel or AMD processor for local installations or workstations.

  • RAM memory of at least 4GB on computers and 1GB on mobile devices.

  • Minimum storage space of 500MB.

  • Internet connection to access the cloud server with a minimum bandwidth speed of 10MB. For best performance from 30MB onwards. For optimal performance, a wired connection to your internet should be used as the same speed is not guaranteed if you use a Wi-Fi or wireless connection.

  • In local networks, a server computer with a speed of 3GHZ and 8GB of RAM is required.

  • Windows, Linux, IOS, Android and iPhone operating system.


Conditions of service

The use of the system is purchased with a monthly subscription plan that allows access from a local workstation or in the cloud according to the current rate, obtaining the following options and benefits:

  • Support contract without permanence clauses.

  • Quick database incorporation through data import templates.

  • Developments included according to prior agreement under the accounting and tax standards required in the country.



  • Registration of receipts and transactions in documents organized by modules.

  • Billing of items and concepts in the same receipt.

  • Manual and automatic calculation of tax and withholding concepts.

  • Stock control and periodic inventory costs.

  • Preparation of technical sheets for material consumption and item production.

  • Import and export of data through flat files and spreadsheets.

  • Design of personalized financial reports and other reports according to requirements.

  • Management of multiple companies, business units, books, currencies and accounting periods.

  • Customization of points of sale or branches for issuing invoices and tickets.

  • Administration of income and expenses by cost centers and projects.

  • Electronic billing as a voluntary participant or integration with another electronic biller.

  • Without limitations on the number of registered receipts or documents issued.

  • Duplication of receipts and transactions for repetitive processes.

  • PDF printing and sending receipts by email.

  • Design of personalized graphic statistics according to requirements.

  • Control of modification, cancellation and elimination of receipts.

  • Access security profiles by user groups.

  • Manual and automatic registration of consecutive receipts.

  • Integration with WEB platforms and services.

  • Control of entry and exit of people, vehicles and objects.

  • Enabling periods for the registration of vouchers.

  • Blocking and unlocking of receipt editing.

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